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The Problem? Dispatcher Retention. The Cause - Dispatcher Stress! The Good News? We can Help!

According to recent statistics, job-related stress burnout causes more 911 dispatchers to quit the position than any other cause! In fact, the average dispatcher only remains on the job a mere two- years. This can be an incredible waste of training time and money when you consider how much money it takes to recruit and train a dispatcher. Overtime expenditure is real a problem for many Agencies. These statistics are directly related in many ways to loss time due to chronic job stress.

Additionally, chronic job stress can adversely affect a Dispatcher's ability to perform to the high degree necessary to assure top-notch customer service to the public they serve.

We Know what 911 Dispatcher Stress is and How to Cope with it!

Our in-depth eight-hour seminar will give your 911 dispatchers the information and skills they need to recognize and combat the stress they face. For a little investment in training your people will be better equipped to cope with the stress they face and that will make them more likely to stay on with your agency.

T.P. McAtamney has been recognized as the one of the foremost experts in 911 Dispatcher Stress. He has been sought as an expert numerous times in the media and headlined featured in 911 trade magazines. His book available here at Headsets911 has been used as training material in many 911 Dispatch centers across the nation.

Mr. McAtamney's classes are more than just seminars, they are life-changing events!

Here's what some of our attendees have said!

"Humorous, and very informative, had a special way of connecting with the audience!"

"His personality and enthusiasm is infectious, he gave me hope! Highly recommended! "

"A step by step explanation about what stress is and how it affects us! He not only showed us that he knows the subject matter, but that he lives it as well!"

"Gave me insight to what might be causing my stress and how to cope with it"

"He is one of us and understands "Our World!"

"Every Dispatcher should attend this class! Mr. McAtamney takes this subject and breaks it down where it really applies, in the trenches of  911 Dispatching!"

Three Seminars to Help your 911 Dispatchers Cope wth Stress!

We offer three seminars to meet your 911 Dispatcher Stress Training needs.

First is our hallmark seminar, "Stress and the Dispatcher - Surviving The Console". This seminar has been presented coast-to-coast at agencies large and small to rave reviews!

Secondly, we offer "Getting Along with Coworkers" , our new seminar that helps agencies with interpersonal conflict issues.

Third, we offer a excellent first-line supervisors course titled, "So Now You're a Supervisor", which is designed to show newly promoted/hired supervisors what it takes to lead effectively!

Scheduling is Easy!

We can come to your agency where and when you want our training. You'll find our pricing is the lowest in the industry while providing the best in 911 Dispatcher Stress Training.

Simply choose the training date you would like then let us know. For more information use our Seminar Information Contact Form above. Or contact us through Gig Salad (Link on the right).

You can also contact us by email seminars [at]headsets911.com


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Not a 911 Agency? Headsets911 can still help!

Mr. McAtamney is available to present quality stress managment, enhanced communications, and productivity training to your company or organization.

He also available as a motivational and leadership speaker. Presentations are geared for all time slots from one hour to a full day!

He is also available for keynote speaking for your next conference or get together.

For more information visit my Health & Fitness Expert in Fort Lauderdale page on Gig Salad

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