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The material below is offered without cost for the education of 911 Dispatchers and others who want to learn more about coping with emergency worker stress. We have assembled it to benefit Dispatchers who cannot attend our class.  If you have any questions or comments, or would like to see something covered let us know!

Characters in the Workplace

Gearing Down

Training for the Impossible

Getting your "Z"s!

Read about how Decision Latitude Makes the Difference

What's in your box?

Signs and Solutions to Dispatcher Burn-out

Headache Help!

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

What's Eating You?

Getting Along with Co-Workers

The Behavioral Reaction Matrix

Actively Coping with Stress

Common Stresses for Dispatchers - what is the key element?

Irrational Beliefs

Decision Latitude - Choice Makes a Difference

Are you a Type A personality?

Type A and B Personality Chart


The Phantom Dispatcher Syndrome

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NEWS: New Study on PTSD and 911 Dispatchers. Research backs up what I wrote about in Stress and the Dispatcher Surviving the Console in 2001. Read the article here.


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At Headsets911 we believe in helping you even if you don't attend our training in person. WE CARE and want you to know that if there is anything we can do to help you cope, let us know!

Recognizing Burnout


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APCO Project 40 (RETAINS) data is out:

Read it here

 Headsets911 Responds to the preliminary data.



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