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Stress and the Dispatcher - Surviving the Console

Author T.P. McAtamney explores the world of 911 dispatcher stress in this informative book no 911 dispatcher should be without.."Stress and the Dispatcher - Surviving the Console" takes the reader on a journey of discovery that will make them feel better about themselves and the important job they do.

Subjects will include:

1. The World of Emergency Dispatching.

2. The Uniquely Stressful Nature of Dispatch

3. Defining Stress

4. The Difference between Dispatcher Stress and Police Stress.

5. More on the Sources of dispatcher stress - From the Dispatcher Perspective.

6. Why we Do the Things We Do.

7. Stress and Your Body.

8. The Two Personalities in Dispatch.

9. Coping with Stress.

10. Getting Along with Peers and Others.

11. Just for supervisors - how to lead and manage your dispatchers effectively without going crazy.


Introduction Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three
Chapter Four Chapter Five Chapter Six Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight Chapter Nine Chapter Ten Chapter Eleven

Each Chapter is a Adobe PDF form.  You will need Adobe Reader to view.  New! If you have a high-speed connection you can download the entire book here.

I hope you enjoy this booklet and find it useful. Thanks for reading and for your continued support of our training!

-T.P. McAtamney

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