Zero Annuity Fee Credit Cards: What They Are And How To Get It!

Using a credit card can be a “hand in the wheel” routine. But is putting the annuity rate really worth it? Depending on the card, the fee can be well salted, leaving the budget tighter than expected. But be aware that there are zero annuity rate credit card options on the market. Do you know what they are? Follow this article and learn more.

With or without annuity?

With or without annuity?

Today, the credit card is the most used form of payment for products and services by the Brazilian. In addition to the convenience of having a limit available to spend, even with no cash on hand, advantages such as miles programs, which you can reverse on products or airline tickets, are offered.

However, in some cases, these benefits come with a price: the annuity. Now, if there are zero annuity fee credit card alternatives, what will you continue to pay fees for? Learn how to get away from this unnecessary expense.

Best Bank


Best Bank is a completely digital, non-annual credit card. You can do everything from your mobile phone: balance inquiry, card lockout, request limit increase, and more. Another advantage is that there is no income limit to apply for it.

If your Best Bank is Mastercard banner, you can also participate in the Mastercard Surprise loyalty program, with discounts on movies, restaurants, travel, product purchases, and more.



Similar to Best Bank, Ligio is yet another zero-annuity fee credit card alternative, with no minimum income proof requirement for membership. To request it, simply get in touch via the internet or phone. The Visa flag option still offers the advantage of international use.

Credit card Zero


Curvas, in addition to having a virtual store and a network of physical stores specializing in the sale of books and electronics, also offers a zero-annuity credit card. In addition, it does not require proof of income or submission of documents, the card is released for national and international use and offers points and miles programs.

The Curvas card has the Mastercard banner, also accumulating the advantages of Martercard Surprise’s points program.

You can apply for your card on the Curvas website, which also has an application to make various transactions with your credit card.

Agree bank Free

Santander Free

Agree bank Free is free of charge if you have regular consumption of at least 100 reais per month. If you do not reach this amount, you will be charged 12x annuity $ 29.00.

Another advantage is to participate in Agree bank Ferrera, a points program that can be converted into products and even airline tickets. It allows up to 5 additional cards at no charge. The currently available flag is Visa.

The prerequisite for acquiring the Free card is the income of at least one minimum wage if you are not an account holder, or $ 500.00 if you have a checking account. Agree bank also often applies the same exemption rule for regular use of the credit function also to its university account holders.

Don’t want to change cards?


If you prefer to keep your current card that charges annuity, you can bargain and save yourself from paying this fee. Contact the center via telephone and request this feature. If you have been using the card regularly for many years and are a good customer, they will probably offer you the possibility to continue using the same zero annuity rate credit card, after all, they will not want to lose the customer, right?

See how many options to get out of annuity? Consciously using the credit card, instead of generating fees and charges, can be your ally. Enjoying loyalty programs then, even better.

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